Shipping container (also known as ISO container, freight container, storage container, portable storage unit, intermodal container or high-cube container). They are industrial-grade steel boxes that offer temporary storage room for both commercial and residential use.

Why Use Them?

Safe. With its thick walls that are made from industrial-grade steel, these containers are sure to protect your valuables from burglary and harsh weather. When keeping things like expensive machinery and equipment, you want to know your properties will be safe.

Durable. Shipping containers are large steel boxes designed to withstand the harshest of weather settings. And over time, dent and rust may form, but the wear and tear are just normal. It is necessary to know the history of the container before buying it.

Affordable. The purchase rates range from $3,000-$5,000, depending on whether you are buying a new or used and how much the delivery fee will be.

How Long Are You Going to Use A Storage Container?

It usually depends on the need of the customer or business. The length of usage is different to each customerโ€™s requirements or project and can they can last from several months to a couple of years. If a client has an uncertain time of usage, renting containers is perhaps a better option.

What Are My Choices?

When it comes to shipping containers, you can select from wide arrays or features, sizes, and colors. You just need to remember that the more ISO container modification you have, the more you are going to pay.


All containers are not created equal. It is best to check the shipping container before deciding to buy it. In some situations, portable shipping containers have been damaged in cargo or are rusted. A few rust and dents on the container donโ€™t affect its functionality. However, it is important to take note of the condition of a portable storage unit and assess the history before investing.


The most common lengths of shipping containers are 20ft and 40ft. While there are some with customized lengths such as 10, 15, 25, and 45ft. The length of containers varies depending on the contractor. Some contractors will either cut apart or weld used shipping containers to meet the specific requirements.


The usual height and width dimensions of a cargo container are 8 feet 6 inches high by 8 feet wide. There are some contractors that offer an extra-wide option which is 10 feet in width.


The quality of the shipping container locking mechanism is another factor to consider when it comes to security. The sturdier that lock is, the more difficult it is for thieves or perpetrators to rob the container. Shipping container suppliers like Container Office Singapore provide a premium locking mechanism with all their storage units. ย While other suppliers offer padlock hasps or rod lock for an additional fee. It is best to invest in a premium lock if security is your main concern.

You may want to add metal bars to your portable storage if it has windows in order to prevent thieves. Many individuals and businesses use shipping containers to keep their equipment, and supplies. If those items are lost, itโ€™s a huge financial loss.

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