Container House

Container Home Construction

Shipping containers can be converted into container house designs or container homes due to their durability and portability. Shipping containers are specifically constructed to withstand harsh storms and turbulent waves; a testament to their resilience and strength and the perfect qualities you would want in a house. They can last through severe weather conditions, whether in rainy regions or the desert.

With OSG’s expertise and professionalism, regular shipping containers can be modified and converted into your ideal custom shipping container homes. OSG provides construction, assembly, delivery, unloading, and set-up services for your dream container homes. We also provide other necessities and installations such as electrical cabling, ventilation, air conditioning and fitting the containers with internal insulation panels to prevent the containers from cooling down or overheating.

Shipping containers are by far one of the most intriguing and innovative ways to build a house. It has been actively used to build residential places in all parts of the world.

With OSG, shipping containers are highly customisable to your own liking and tastes. Many unique concepts are employed for creativity and unique architectural and interior experiences. Many events and companies have completed exciting container architecture projects with the help of OSG, namely Artbox, Louis Vuitton, IWC and MCCY (Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth).

Custom Container Home in Singapore, Tailored To Your Liking

In Singapore, you can notice many different types of small and big container house structures being used to provide for corporate events, festivals, and working and living spaces. Shipping containers can be modified into shipping container hotels too. Hence, modern container house designs or homes can be stylish, trendy and appealing.

In Singapore, obtaining building permits for shipping container house interior structures can be a tedious process. This includes obtaining a Temporary Occupancy Permit, as well as working with an architect, developer, the Building and Construction Authority and Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The Building and Construction Authority also requires inspections to ensure fire safety and the suitability of living conditions.

However, fret not, as OSG provides a one-stop solution for all your needs to get started, with consultation and advisory services on all the steps required to convert your container home.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a container home cost in Singapore?

The cost of a container house in Singapore varies depending on several factors. Customisation options like solar panels, smart home technology, and premium materials might cause total costs to vary. Additionally, factors such as location, land costs, and labour expenses can also impact the final price. Contact us for specific container house costs and enquiries.

Are permits or approvals required to install a container home?

Yes, relevant permits and authority submissions are required to install a container house in Singapore. These documents are essential for legal compliance and ensure the structure meets safety and zoning regulations. Failure to secure the required permits can lead to legal issues and fines. It is crucial to follow the local building codes and regulations when setting up a container home.

How are container homes constructed?

Constructing a shipping container home involves several steps. The first step involves identifying a plot of land that is available for the container home. Next would be the financing stage involving an allocated budget for construction. It is also advisable to prepare a drawing and design layout of the container home in advance. Navigating this challenging process without professional guidance can be complex; and this is where OSG steps in to offer the necessary support and direction.

Can I get these container homes outside of Singapore?

Yes, it is possible to export a container house. Speak to OSG about your container house requirements to receive the necessary guidance and advice. Our comprehensive support ensures a seamless and hassle-free export experience, allowing you to set up your container home wherever you desire, globally.

What are the benefits of living in a container home?

Living in a container house in Singapore offers various advantages. Container homes are sustainable, as they make use of recycled materials and can incorporate eco-friendly features like solar panels. These containers are also cost-efficient as they require less labour and fewer materials for construction than traditional housing. Additionally, their modular design allows for creativity in layout and aesthetics, making them attractive to those seeking a unique and stylish living space.

Who might be interested in renting or buying container homes?

A diverse range of individuals could be interested in converting shipping containers into houses. Renters or buyers looking for affordable housing solutions in expensive urban areas may find container homes attractive. Eco-conscious individuals appreciate the sustainability aspect. Minimalists are drawn to the simplicity and smaller footprint of container living. Moreover, those seeking unconventional, customisable dwellings with a modern edge may be interested in container homes.

What are the challenges associated with container homes?

Challenges associated with shipping container homes include zoning restrictions limiting where to place them. Ensuring proper ventilation is also necessary to prevent moisture buildup and mould growth. Customisation costs can escalate rapidly, particularly if you desire high-end finishes or advanced technology. Lastly, navigating the regulatory landscape and obtaining necessary permits can be time-consuming and demanding.


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