Container House

Container Home Construction

Shipping Container can be converted into container house design or container homes, due to their durability and portability. Shipping containers are made to weather through the rough storms and waves, they are certainly one of the most durable materials. They can last through harsh weather conditions, whether in the desert or in rainy regions.

With OSG’s expertise and professionalism, containers can be modified into your ideal shipping container home concepts. Construction, assembly, delivery, unloading, and set up can be provided by OSG. All other necessities, such as, fitting the containers with internal insulation panels to prevent the containers from heating up or cooling down too much, electrical cablings, ventilation, and air conditioning can be provided by us as well.

Shipping containers are by far one of the most innovative and intriguing ways to build a house. It has been actively used to build residential places in all parts of the world.

With OSG, shipping containers are highly customisable to your own likings and tastes. Many unique concepts are employed for creativity and a unique architectural and interior experiences. Many events and companies have completed exciting container architecture projects with the help of OSG, namely Artbox, Louis Vuitton, IWC and MCCY (Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth).

Tailored Container Home in Singapore

In Singapore, you can notice many different types of small and big container house structures being used to provide for corporate events, festivals, working, and living spaces. Shipping container can be modified into shipping container hotels too. Hence, modern container house design or home can be stylish, trendy and appealing.

In Singapore, obtaining building permits for shipping container house interior structure can be a tedious process. This includes obtaining a Temporary Occupancy Permit, as well as working with an architect, developer, the Building and Construction Authority and Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The Building and Construction Authority also needs to conduct inspections to ensure fire safety and suitability of living conditions.

However, fret not,Β as OSG provides a one stop solution for all your needs to get started, with consultation and advisory services on all the steps required to get started on your dream converted container home.

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