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Below are the types of container to suit your needs :

Shipping Container

Buy or rent a container with confidence from Singapore’s leading shipping container supplier.

Learn about the different conditions of containers, the types of containers, modifications, add-ons & services.

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Container Office & Prefab Office

The construction solution for temporary site offices, meeting rooms, lounges, and other sheltered activities if you need speed, cost-saving, quality, and safety.

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Toilet Container & Portable Toilet

Choose from a range of toilet solutions including Mobile Toilet, Executive Toilet, and InstaLoo (also known as Portable Toilet).

All our toilet solutions are pre-installed with sanitary ware, showers & pipe-fittings.

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Security Booth & Guardhouse

InstaBooth acts as a security booth or guardhouse. It comes pre-fitted with a door and large clear windows, providing your security personnel a 270° outside view to monitor their surroundings.

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Office Pods & Office Phone Booth

InstaPod acts as the solution for a quiet, personal, and comfortable office space, It is designed for private phone calls, work or study sessions, and meetings. It is designed to suit indoor and interior spaces.

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Event & Pop up Container

With a Pop-up Container, you can easily and instantly set up temporary mobile retail & dining booths anywhere. This is suitable if you don’t want to commit to a long-term tenancy in a physical venue.

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Container Modification

Containers are not just for transporting or storage of cargo! Customising a container allows you to achieve targeted results and specific requirements, without following limitations. Think outside the box and you get a hotel capsule, a pop-up shop, or even a swimming pool.

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Our Services


Choose to buy a new or used container or rent if you are using for a short term! 


Design and build your ideal container space solutions with us. Financing options are available.


Be at ease with our logistics arrangements. Delivery & lifting crew are available upon request.


We provide submissions, risk management and on-site connection services should you require.


We can help you build a module from scratch, or give an existing container a makeover.


We are able to build container space solutions that are certified for overseas shipping. 


If you have purchased a container from us and no longer need it, get in touch with us for the next step.


Have a project, question or need more information? Contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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