5 Shipping Container House Ideas From Around the World For Vacations

Container House are increasingly popular in today’s age, due to the many benefits of shipping container structure, which includes its strength ,durability, affordability, and sustainability. In short, these container homes are sturdy and easy to build. Many business owners are adopting shipping container architecture to serve as staycation venue, as It proves to be a unique, “off-the-grid” staycation experience for many local and foreign visitors. Hence, the container homes concept has become a viable business option for many.

Below are 5 cool examples of shipping container house from around the world for vacations:

1) “The Container” – Australia

This container house is located in Tasmania and available for rent via AirBnB. It was 2016 Finalist in the Tasmanian Tourism Awards. It is constructed with two 40ft containers stacked onto one another, with external steel container structure parts to form additional roofing platform and enclosed space.

The Container @ Tasmania, Australia Photo: Airbnb

2) The BoHo Box Hop Container House – USA

The Boho Box Hop is made out of two intermodal shipping containers, with a 40ft container structured as the base and a 20ft container structured on top diagonally. It is located right in the middle of the Hocking Hills States Park.

The BoHo Box Hop Photo: Airbnb


3) The Box House Tangalle – Sri Lanka

Located in the midst of Satinwood trees in Sri Lanka, it is a container holiday villa that focuses on breaking down barriers between the indoors and outdoors. Overall, it is constructed with just five 40ft containers.

The Box House Tangalle Photo: The Box House Tangalle

4) Shipping Container Hotel – Singapore

First of its kind in Singapore, Shipping Container Hotel is Singapore’s first and only “pop-up” and sustainable hotel constructed with Shipping Container. Although constructed with a single 40ft shipping container, it is prefitted with full amenities to provide a complete hotel experience.

Shipping Container Hotel Photo: Shipping Container Hotel

5) White Container House – South Korea

Located in the uphill forest of Seosaeng-myeon, South Korea, White Container House is situated at the area that is famous for its beautiful sunrise and sunset. Hence it is designed with a rooftop terrace that is equipped with a photo zone where you can take pictures of the sunrise and sunset while enjoying the view of the sea.

White Container House Photo: containerhacker.com

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