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When you know the type of shipping containers you want to purchase, the next thing you should consider is where you’ll buy them. For first-time buyers, it is usually hard because there are many distributors, resellers, and dealers in the market. This article will help you slim down your choices so you’ll know how to choose the right deals and where to buy your ideal container.

Looking for Shipping Containers Online

Every country has access to shipping containers because of intermodal ports, such as land-based container terminals and seaports. The best dealers are usually found in these ports and you can search online to find them. All you need to do is simply encode your location and you’ll see the ports located in your country. It will also show the complete information about the capacity and the size of the port around your area. From that, you can start calling the port and ask about companies that sell containers. You can reach out to different ports to find the right distributor of container storage that fit the description of the containers that you want to purchase.

Looking for Shipping Containers Offline

There are tons of shipping containers lying around and owners have no plans of getting rid of them. You can drive around and see if you can make a deal and purchase them. You can also ask for help from people who have connections in the transportation, shipping, or logistics industry. They might suggest companies or distributors that have excess containers that are up for sale.

Looking for the Ideal Container Distributor

Below are the essential things you need to consider in a distributor if you have plans on buying shipping containers from them:

Honest Distributor With Good Reputation

Finding a distributor that you can completely trust when you buy shipping container is very important. As much as possible, you want to avoid purchasing low-quality containers or stolen ones. Knowing the background of your distributor will secure your chance of purchasing quality containers from trustworthy people.

Warranties and Returns

If you are planning to build a home out of the container you will purchase, always keep in mind that the warranty will still be invalidated because of the changes from the construction that you will make. With this being said, avoid lifetime warranties or extension warranties since they will only cost you additional fees.

Volume Discounts

Purchasing multiple shipping containers from the same distributor instead of buying them from different sellers is much better because it will give you a chance to negotiate for a higher discount.


In delivering your containers, big-time dealers have the right tools to do the work for you. On top of that, they offer fast and affordable delivery. Just make sure that you know the dealer that will handle the delivery in order to guarantee a smooth transaction if anything goes wrong.

Bottom Line

By this time, we know that you are already confident in looking for the ideal distributor to buy container office. Now that you are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the purchasing processes, you are one step away from constructing your very own modular prefabricated home.

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