The 20ft and 40ft are the standard sizes of shipping containers, both are widely used for foreign goods shipment. The 40ft container provides the best cost per square foot for storage, thus it is a great choice for anyone with enough space.

The 40ft are becoming increasingly in demand as base construction material in many building projects. Thus, if you are looking for a 40ft container to make a house or swimming pool, keep reading this article. They are best for goods transportation and onsite space as well.

40ft Shipping Container Structure

A used 40ft shipping container can last up to 20 years with minimum maintenance. Shipping containers are from high-quality Corten steel which is sturdy, corrosion, and weathering resistant. They are excellent to endure the harshness of the sea conditions.

When used shipping containers arrived at the suppliers, the first thing they do is inspect the storage. This is to make sure that they pass the cargo worthy industry standard and are fully wind and watertight. The double doors are examined as well to guarantee that they are completely functional and seal around the doors are still intact. This is to prevent any water from coming in. The shipping container flooring is from 27mm hardwood.

The 40ft container is from the depots on a “next from stack” process, so the external coloring will be a common shipping line color, which may change.

40ft Container Options

Most of the container suppliers provide:

  • A 40ft new ‘one trip’ shipping containers
  • 40ft high cube shipping containers
  • A 40ft new ‘one trip’ tunnel shipping containers
  • 40ft open top shipping containers
  • A 40ft flat-rack shipping containers
  • 40ft new ‘one trip’ side opening shipping containers
  • A 40ft new ‘one trip’ high cube shipping containers

If you still don’t find what you want, you can check out OSG Containers.

40ft Shipping Container Delivery

The 40ft container will be on a HIAB assisted truck that is transported on the day that agreement from the ordering process. They will transport the container to a location you need.

40ft Container Extras

A shipping container may come with optional extras depending on the customer as he/she can specify what he likes when making an initial inquiry.

Internal Shelving

If a customer or business wants their container to have some internal shelving for storage or stock purposes, the supplier can install this inside the storage unit. The rate, however, can differ depending on if they will use steel or wooden shelving. They will work closely with the customer. In order to make sure that they are creating the container that they want or that shelving is what they are looking for.

Lock-box Installation

To secure more of your 40ft cargo container, the supplier can provide a lockbox (the lockbox is a steel box soldered into the double doors. This will wrap a padlock which will turn the shipping container less damage-proof). They also offer high-security padlock to fit the lockbox if necessary, but in normal cases, they will typically use common padlocks.


In order survive against condensation in containers, they include Absorpole in the unit. They can absorb excess moisture that could be in the inside of the storage unit and for severe cases, they use Grafotherm.

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