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Do you want to open a bar or restaurant, but you are afraid of the risk factors and high costs associated? Well, there’s a great way to make your dream become a reality while keeping your costs down. It’s the shipping containers! You’ve seen food trucks, but have you seen a mobile container? Believe it not, shipping containers are creating a design revolution today!

Mobile container is used to make houses, offices and even swimming pools. In this article, we’ll explain how you can use of mobile container, to build your dream bar or restaurant.


These containers are for shipping; thus, they are for transport from one place to another. So, what does this mean for you start-up business? You can put your container booths bar anywhere that it can benefit you. Like for example, you can put your bar container close to a high-traffic road and that’s a prime real site for a new bar. Though they are not as moveable as the food trucks, they are more flexible than the traditional ones.

Fast Set Up

When you built your bar or restaurant in the traditional way, you will have a lot of “hurry up and wait” scenarios. You might have to do some renovation even when leasing space to make it to your standards.

Flexible Design

You would think that your design options are scarce since these containers are only available in sizes from 8 to 40ft but that’s not true. Your bar ill look boxy but once you get creative, you will see how many designs you can have with your containers. One container can build a small clean bar restaurant and with a small change, you can open a space.

Sometimes having an unfinished business container is the look you are going for or bonus points if your pop up container restaurant has a rough-edged or industrial look. Shipping containers can make your dream restaurant a reality.

They are put together fast, all they need is a little modification since you already got a wall, ceiling, and floor. Your bar restaurant is ready to open once you have finished installing décor, insulation or whatever modifications you need to make it cozier to the public.

Energy Efficient

When you have a restaurant, the utility bills are can be overwhelming from the water, gas, energy, heating, etc. You must handle all of that to run your business. You can make your bar restaurant energy efficient by installing solar panels or using high-efficiency appliances.

By just using a shipping container is an Eco-friendly choice and you can go greener with a few more changes.

Design Your Shipping Container Bar Today

Building your bar container can save you money, looks amazing, is sustainable and more. You have more design options that can you do with your space and the money that you can save are used back to your business.

Whether you want to build your bar restaurant from a new or used container. Container Site Office Singapore got tons of options for you and will make your bar a reality today!

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