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Shipping container modified into an Eco-friendly Bus Stop &
Public Toilet

In order to address the challenges to meet the needs and welfare of the port workers, a project is commissioned with OSG Containers to develop a container solution comprises of shipping container modified to encompass three functionalities of bus stop, shelter, and toilet facilities.

Upon the first glance, the container solution addresses the need of a shelter when workers are waiting for their transportation. Aside from providing a roof over the top, lighting and fan are also provided within it for the comfort of users, with up to 10 seating capacities available too.

Alongside the bus stop, a toilet facility for up 2 pax at one go are also included for workers who needs toilet relieves. Each toilet cubicle includes a mirror, a wash basin, exhaust fan ventilation and a toilet bowl. Water and sewage system is solved by utilising self-storage IBC holding tanks.

Last but not least, off-grid and mobility elements are important aspects.

Hence, for the sake of daily operational convenience, it is also developed and designed so that it can be easily move around closer to different vessels’ anchorage using existing wharf’s gantry crane. This overall also presents itself further potentials in deploying more units to more ports around to address the same common problems faced by many.

Last but not least, it is a 40ft used shipping container modified, giving shipping containers a new lease of life beyond its intended purposes. Overall there are still many possibilities for shipping containers. 

If you would like to buy/rent shipping containers, explore the feasibility of using repurposed shipping container modified for your premises, or even use containers as a setting for filming, feel free to speak to us today.

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