The refrigerated containers — or otherwise referred to as reefer containers, are versatile and dynamic units that can specially ship a range of items. Be it in pharmaceuticals, fresh fish and food, dairy products, and day-to-day supermarket products, this shipping container refrigeration unit does it all by regulating and controlling the temperature in the container. This ensures that your perishable food and goods get delivered to you freshly, promptly, and safely. What’s all the more convenient is made evident by its eponymous term, which indicates that the container acts as a refrigerator, and that its housed products need not be moved from one place to another. Since it can also control temperatures, it can defrost and warm-up goods when needed. In all, this saves a lot of time, and makes it convenient for people to transport food. It also eases off the costs in the production line.

Also available in a range of dimensions — such as OSG’s 40 high cube reefer container or 20 high one, these containers can be partitioned according to the owner’s preferences. To sum up, then, these reefer containers are clearly useful for most people; not just for its diverse range of use, but also for its spatial practicalities.

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Current demand for a shipping container refrigeration unit

All over the world, global supply chains seem to be staggering and halting, especially with the heightened regulations that result from safeguards against the still rampant epidemic. Such supply disruptions are further aggravated by the increased demands of products from all around the world, especially since people have gradually gravitated to staying-in or working-from-home. Naturally, it follows that more people are ordering-in or opting for shipping, particularly since it’s noted to be safer.

Nonetheless, the forecast season has observed and continues to anticipate that the option of refrigerated containers will be facing surges in demand. Containerised reefer trade, in turn, is expected to see growth in 2022, as well as falling prices.

These stem from three main reasons.

First off, that dry container trade has and will be becoming more expensive when compared to reefer rates. Currently, dry containers and reefer containers are the main heavyweights who are helping to tackle pipeline shortages. Yet, according to the American Journal of Transportation, dry freight rates have more than doubled in the same period. Comparatively, dry cargo may also not be as in-demand as reefer containers, which carry the bulk of the world’s fresh produce and perishables. As a result, business owners have started to steer towards the option of using refrigerated containers, since that shipping container price seems to fall much lower than the former.

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Second, reefers tend to be prioritised during the stowing process. While reefers do face their own shipping delays and congestion, the waiting times are often not as severe as dry cargo or freight. This ties back to the first reason, as reefers tend to come with goods that are more time-urgent and -sensitive, or which have an expiry date. As such, when compared to the non-temperature sensitive dry containers, refrigerated containers are a more amenable and reliable alternative for the hiking demands in providing readily available fresh goods during the pandemic. In fact, besides fresh produce, they also provide vaccines for the world’s population — something that is key to ensuring the world can defend themselves against this pandemic, and to move away from it eventually.

Thirdly, future reefer containers are much more sturdy and state-of-the-art. Today, we see that more and more reefer containers come equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) telematics that help to make sense of real-time and historical data for any shipment. This appears to be implemented in more and more containers, be it a 40 high cube reefer container or a 20 high one. Sea conditions can then be monitored from the main office, which allows for safer, faster, and more efficient journeys.

Given the array of benefits, then, this has also perpetuated a soaring demand for reefer containers, all over the globe. To the dismay of many, this is not matched by an equally strong capacity, as containership capacity — even as it’s being rapidly churned-out — cannot meet the interminable series of demands that just seem to keep coming.

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Easing off prices

All-throughout 2021, dry cargo and reefer cargo was climbing at exponentially high and absurd rates. 2022 seems to not be faring any better. Nonetheless, prices can ease-off if owners learn to work around these freight prices, which don’t appear to be budging for now.

For one, rather than immediately buy reefer containers which are fresh off the rack, second hand containers might be more feasible. At OSG, there are plenty of options for second hand reefer containers. While some can be used as storage spaces, many have also used it for actual shipping and in overcoming freight rates. They come as a 40 high cube container, or a 20 high one.

Moreover, our reefer containers can further ramp up cost savings by eradicating the need for a Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) plate if you are just using reefer containers for non shipping purposes. Overall, this can reduce costs for businesses and companies.

Looking for a shipping container refrigeration unit?

If you’re looking to get new and/or used containers, then OSG is the perfect container specialist for you. We offer reefer containers on a paid and rental-basis — be it a 40 high cube container or a 20 high one — so check out our range of new, used, and modified containers here which we do islandwide delivery for. We do direct quotes as well.

Apart from that, regarding any enquiries, you’re more than welcome to drop a message in the contact form at the bottom of our page. Being a reputable container specialist, we promise to do our best to accommodate your requests and needs.

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