When a business or client is looking for mobile office buildings, their choice may come down to an office trailer or modular office container. Modular office containers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a relaxed and noise-free working environment. OSG Containers units are available in multiple different customizations to meet a wide variety of workplace, meeting, and storage needs. Keep on reading to know the 6 main reasons we have heard over and over from businesses and clients of why they love using shipping office containers.

Why Use Office Container for Your Business?

  1. Customizable

Is a feature that you are looking for in the standard office container that isnโ€™t present? Donโ€™t hesitate to ask the container manufacturer for specifications. Shipping office containers are versatile and reliable companies like Office Container Singapore can create a custom floorplan for your business project

2. Built-in Work Surfaces

It doesnโ€™t make sense to pack your things and furniture into another vehicle for every office location. Fitted desk space means you have one less task to handle when your office is being transferred to another site

3. Lower Maintenance and Longer Life Spans

Maintenance is synonymous with time and money. Yet the important maintenance that comes with years of wear and tear often goes overlooked when checking out the sticker cost of a portable office building.

Why use Corten steel?

Corten steel holds up better than the vinyl and wood when moved frequently. You can check out our website for the full analysis of office containers

4. Clean Exterior

The portable office buildings you choose will reflect on your company. Sure, office containers look fine when they are brand new, but once that grey vinyl starts to peel off, it portrays an unprofessional message to businesses, clients, collaborators, and employees. Shipping container offices with alkyd enamel paint remain sleek and clean with the casual touch up to rust. You can even decide to have your container office painted and decorated in company colors.

5. Less Trucking Permit Fees

ISO shipping containers’ designs are exact to the standards for moving loads through ship, rail, and truck. That means they fit seamlessly onto a truck bed. Unknown to many first-time moveable office buyers, offices that are broader or lengthier than a standard shipping container will usually need over-size trucking permits for transport on highways or through cities. If the light office building goes over several state lines, those permit fees will keep stacking up. Shipping container offices will reduce that price.

6. Skip the Stairs

This is particular to the ground level container offices. Office cabins are a few feet above the ground because of their bodywork, and thus need OSHA compatible stairs, and can approximately cost around $600. Shipping container-based ground level offices can be set up directly on dry, level ground, without the need for stairs.

Shipping container offices designs go right on the ground without ramps or stairs, and we have seen businesses and customers take this course when speed is the main concern.

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