A modular office is now gaining popularity in the industry, but there are still businesses who are wondering if the modular office is the best choice for building a new structure or expanding existing space. The many benefits of modular are helpful in building a project. However, there are cases where prefabricated is more useful. Check out the scenarios below and see if modular is the best choice for your business.

If Flexibility is Key

The opportunity for easy expansion is one of the advantages of Modulux+. They are series if modular that are on the final build site. This process makes expanding your business a lot easier as your space needs to change over time. If your business is starting small, modular construction will allow you to expand as you grow. Modulux+ are compact as the standard size is 20ft x 8ft. You can either have a single-story or multi-story to suit your businessโ€™s needs. Whether your expansion needs track light, wall fan, platform, metal railing and more, they are good with just minimal disturbance.

If Your Building Timeline is Short

Another advantage of using the prefab site office is that the two phases of building are taking place at the same time. As site prep and foundation are good at the building site, the building of the individual Modulux+ is happening concurrently in an off-site factory.ย  With a conventional construction timeline, all on-site work needs completion before any construction can happen. Your project is okay up to 50% faster when you pick Modulux+ vs. traditional construction.

If You Need Quick Space

Choosing a temporary office lets you avoid the time needed for style, design, and construction, so Modulux+ is set on the site when you need it. You can easily scour modular offices to find choices to meet your needs for usage, features, and requirements. In addition, used Modulux+ is helpful to emergency and disaster support efforts. They serve as shelters, recharging stations, organizational headquarters, community shower stations, and even cafeterias.

If Your Needs Are Short-term

Balancing the influx and reduction in building occupancy is difficult if your business is temporary. Do you need a temporary office while your building is undergoing modification or renovation? Do you have a temporary need for space for new employees until the permanent office is available? A temporary modular is being delivered to your site or location when extra space is necessary and then removed when you no longer have the need.

In the modular building industry, the short-term doesnโ€™t mean the model or structure of the building is only fitting for short-term use. Instead, โ€œtemporaryโ€ refers to the building foundation and the chances for relocation. The temporary office is for a few weeks of usage or a few years.

Is the modular office the best choice for you? You can request a quote for your next construction project. If you want to understand more about the benefits if a modular, speak to construction experts in your area like Container Singapore.

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