Are you organizing an event in Singapore and looking for a convenient and safe method of toilet provision? Good thing there are various types of mobile toilets that you can rent, including shipping container toilets and portable toilet rentals in Singapore.

This guideline will discuss the different types of portable toilets available in Singapore. We will also explore container rental and container truck options you may need for your event.

Whether it’s a large gathering or a small party, there’s sure to be something here that suits your needs. Learn more about the best mobile toilets for your next event!

Portable Toilet Rental In Singapore

Types Of Mobile Toilets For Your Event Or Business In Singapore?

โ— Single Mobile Toilets

Whether youโ€™re organizing a small gathering or a large event, single mobile toilets are the perfect solution for providing sanitation facilities. These toilets feature high portability and convenience and are easy to set up, allowing you to run your event smoothly and quickly. They typically contain a toilet bowl, sink, and urinal and provide basic sanitation facilities for guests.

โ— Male-Type Mobile Toilets

Male-type mobile toilets provide separate sanitation facilities tailored to male guests attending an event or business function. These units come equipped with male-only fixtures such as urinals and handwashing basins to keep occupants clean throughout their visit. Male-type mobile toilets are an excellent way of ensuring everyone attending your event gets the privacy they need when using bathroom facilities.

โ— Female-Type Mobile Toilets

Female-type portable toilets provide separate sanitation facilities tailored to female guests attending an event or business function. These units come equipped with female-only features such as private stalls with doors, sanitary bins, and additional handwashing stations to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene during use by female guests.

โ— Mixed Type Mobile Toilets

Mobile Toilets
Mixed-type mobile toilets are designed to cater to both male and female guests at an event or business function simultaneously while maintaining separate facilities designated specifically for each gender group. This type of portable toilet has all the amenities necessary to meet both genders’ needs, including private stalls with doors for women and urinals for men.

Additionally, it provides handwashing basins accessible from either gender’s side of the unit so that all users can remain clean throughout their visit.

โ— Portable Chemical Toilets

portable toilets

Portable chemical toilets are the most cost-effective option for portable toilets โ€“ making them ideal for small-scale events such as festivals or concerts where budget is an issue. These units offer convenience since they donโ€™t require additional installation beyond just setting up the branch itself โ€“ perfect if you plan to host multiple events in different locations throughout the year.

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โ— Executive Portable Toilets

Executive portable toilets are great options for hosting upscale events such as corporate gatherings or weddings. These luxury units feature high-end amenities such as floor heating, mirrors, running water basins, soap dispensers, and more โ€“ providing guests with a comfortable experience while using the restroom facilities at your event.

โ— Premium Container-Sized Toilets

Premium container-sized toilets provide all the convenience of a regular container but with added features that make them even more luxurious than before. These include air conditioning systems, soundproofing walls, and even iPod docks โ€“ ensuring that guests will have pleasant experiences using these toilets during your event or business in Singapore!

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High-Quality Portable Toilets

Relevant Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Toilet

Once you have decided what type of mobile toilet would best suit your needs, you should consider certain factors before making any final decision:

โ— Budget

Depending on the size of your budget, you might have more options available than others when selecting from different types of mobile toilets; therefore, make sure that whatever kind of toilet you choose fits within your budget parameters so as not to incur unnecessary expenses later down the line.ย 

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โ— Space Requirements

Since most types of mobile toilets require quite a bit of floor space, ensure that wherever you select has an adequate room big enough to take whatever kind of toilet is chosen either permanently through a rental agreement or temporarily purchased by the owner.

โ— Logistical Issues

Be aware of any logistical issues associated with transporting selected type toilet locations where needed; this could include paying fees, tolls accessing restricted areas due to gathering permits required to travel overseas, etc.

โ— Environmental Impact

Whenever possible, choose mobile toilets made of materials certified by eco-friendly standards to help minimize the negative impact environment while ensuring the comfort and safety of guests attending events/business activities, etc.

Mobile Toilets


Selecting the right type of mobile toilets for your event is vital to ensuring that all your guests have clean and hygienic facilities. No matter the size and nature of your event, take the time to assess which type of toilet works best for you, considering its features, size, cost, and ease of installation.

With this guide, you should decide which type of mobile toilets will cater best to you and your guests’ needs. Consider all the points provided to ensure a successful and stress-free event!

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