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Shipping containers are portable and safe, therefore a popular application for the Container Singapore is transforming it into a mobile office. These storage containers are ideal office solutions for properties under remodeling, construction job sites and more.

With a portable office container from Container Singapore, you are guaranteed that the durability along with everything you need in a small office. When you purchase your container from Container Singapore, the shipping container can be modified. This is to suit your personal specifications or your business needs.

Why use a shipping container instead of building a permanent structure or transforming a pre-existing space into an office? Many advantages come along with using shipping containers as base structures.

Why Container Singapore Are The Best?


Container Singapore’s modified shipping containers are the perfect solutions for anyone needing a mobile office, or someone searching for a muscular way to operate important indoor work while on the location.


Shipping office containers avoid you from the expensive strings attached to traditional building methods. After buying the container, you can anticipate a premium quality for the next decade or more. Allowing it to pay itself in the long run. For a business with temporary needs, there are quality rental units are available as well. You can even pick the duration of your lease.


All of Container Singapore office containers electricity, insulation, windows and doors. These features separate them from the default container with two cargo doors. It is for easier accessibility and virtual comfort of being inside a normal room. Also, their different types of containers are can be modified as both office and storage space. Offering the useful aspects of both office and storage containers.


The 20-foot containers can use the space of just one standard parking spot, giving you the comfort of a conventional office but in a tinier size. But, even 20ft shipping containers are roomy enough to be comfortable—after all, people construct custom container buildings and reside inside of them! They also offer 40ft office storage containers to provide customers needing extra space for work. With an office unit, everything is safe and durable.


Depending on the need of the client, Container Singapore can equip the container with electricity, windows, doors, and heating/AC ability, providing convenience and requirements of a standard office but in a portable unit. Just load it onto a proper truck and your repurposed shipping container can move anywhere.


All the shipping containers of Container Singapore are reliable, proving their strong durability against harsh weather conditions and safety against the strong natural elements that could cause havoc on the content of the shipping container. Our units are all assured wind and waterproof resistant. Also, the insulation on the Container Singapore units gives them a one-up over our standard shipping containers in terms of interior quality, look and use.

Container Singapore is a nationwide retailer of a shipping container and portable storage units. To know more information about us and the services we offered, don’t hesitate to give us a call at +65 6883 2119 or email us at We will be happy to serve you!

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