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You’ve got on the trend of shipping containers and now it’s on its way, ready to become your new container office or home. Evidently, space must be used well to take advantage of the space. The key is shipping container office plans that work! It’s remarkable of what you can do with small space. Continue reading our useful guide.

Container Office Provides Creative Use of Limited Space

The space available will come down to the number of containers you want to use to build your office or home. While they may seem uniform, there are different sizes, heights, and styles on the market. Consider stacking containers to create a multi-story container office. You can even go with stacking cross ways for a distinctive architectural effect.

A great way to effortlessly add more space is to design an outdoor deck. This can also be disassembled and bring with you if you plan to move your shipping container home. Open spaces are perfect in simple shipping container homes, as walls tend to lessen the space on offer. Naturally, you want to divide up a bathroom area.

One simple but efficient design in single shipping container home floor plans is to build a bathroom area between two separate living and sleeping units. If you have a small home or office room, choose a mezzanine floor. This uses the height of the shipping container, allowing for a sleeping space below and a sitting space above.

In the dining area, tables and counter tops are can be folded away after usage. Wall-beds also provide the same space-saving function. You can even set up seating areas that are fold out into beds at night.

Container Office Feature the Positives

Though space is limited, there are many benefits from living or working in a container office. Many suppliers are now offering shipping container office plans to meet different specifications of a business or client. Before choosing one from a variety of shipping container office plans, think meticulously about what you need from office or home. Divide your list into three categories – a list of things you can’t live without, a list of things you like and a list of things that would be a bonus. Knowing what you really need will help you see the benefits and drawbacks of different sizes and designs.

It’s All About Light

Light will make a huge difference between an office or home that feels small and suffocating, and one that feels comfortable and inviting. Be sure that the shipping container plans you consider to make good use of natural light, either through skylights or windows, to get those much-needed rays. They also provide a central point to help prepare your space efficiently.

The Takeaway: The Best Shipping Container Office and Home Plans

Shipping container office plans can help get the very best of your new office space. You’ll love the fact that the cost is less expensive than the traditional build. The smart design and use of space will mean that you don’t have to compromise with space either.

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