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Designing and having your own shipping office container is a growing trend, and because of the many advantages these units provide, the craze is here to stay.

Buy building a shipping office container takes more than shopping a few containers and putting them to each other. That’s why this article will help you understand what you need before considering buying.

See the Container Before You Purchase Them

Shipping containers endured the test of time of traveling back and forth across the open ocean. Because of this, shipping containers you buy might have structural problems, dents, or lots of rust.

That’s why you should always check the containers before deciding to buy them. If the container is in a faraway place, ask the supplier to take pictures of both inside and outside of the unit.

Know Your Building Code Restrictions

Every city has its building restrictions regarding shipping office container. Ensure you know the codes in your city before you invest in your design. Otherwise, you might have to modify your office, which might mean you’ll expend more money or lose some of the investment you already spent.

Find an Office Container Supplier That Can Do It All

When you’re ready to build your office container, be sure to find a supplier that can do everything you need. If you don’t, find one supplier to place your containers, another supplier to modify your containers, and more suppliers to do the interior work. Hiring one supplier that is an expert at building a shipping office container will help you save you time and money.


The walls of a shipping container aren’t the same as the traditional house. Without proper insulation, the inside of your container will be freezing during the winter  and burning during the summer. So, be sure you have a plan for insulation before you build your office container.

There are different types of insulation available to choose from when modifying your office container. Don’t forget to insulate the roof as well as the walls.

Know the Distinctions Between Container Types

Not all shipping containers have the same size. Traditional shipping containers are only 8ft tall. You can find other bigger shipping containers that fit your specifications.

Plan Your Plumbing and Electrical Facility

You should plan where your electrical pipes and wires and plumbing will be before you start the modification. If possible, ask your supplier to carve the right holes in the right places so you don’t overlook anything.

Save and Spend

One of the biggest drawbacks of shipping container office is their affordable price point. But finishing a shipping office container inside and out can get luxurious.

You must know when to save and when to spend. Although a shipping office container is low-cost, there are many times when expending that extra money to construct the perfect office container is well worth it.


Steel boxes are anything but aerodynamic. If you build your shipping office container in a windy location, be prepared for a lot of distraction.

To prevent this problem, you must realize putting your office behind some type of barrier. If you don’t’ like the look of a wall, find a natural site that’s safe from the wind instead.

What You Need to Know Before Building a Shipping Office Container

Before considering of building a shipping office container, take time to do deeper research. Keep in mind, don’t purchase anything without checking it first. Or you could end up investing in a damaged, dented and rusty container.

If you’re not sure where to buy shipping containers? Contact us today OSG Containers And Modular or visit our official website!

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