Shipping Container Modifications used in Interior Design


Shipping container can be used for Container Modifications and Container Architecture, but it can be used for interior design purposes as well. Many have opt to use parts of a shipping container to make their interior space stand out Not something you’ll expect to see in any home, hence it certainly is a unique touch. Here are the top real life examples of shipping containers used in interior space design.


Ocean Network Express is a major new global container shipping company that emerged from the legacy of three Japanese liner companies. Their new office combines the best practices of the three companies and fosters a high-quality service in a competitive market.

The project strive to create a showcase facility while enhancing teamwork and collaboration among the staff.


Shipping container exterior was used to fit against the walls of a home in Singapore. Besides being decorative, the shipping container exterior is also a backdrop for the TV set, which has a swivel mount that allows it to be tilted to face the sofa or the dining table.

Mr Jefferson Lee and Ms Sheryl Tian, a Singaporean couple staying at a 4 room unit in Punggol, opted to have their storage designed to look like a red shipping container exterior. The ridged exterior looks like it was made from steel, but it actually comprises plywood panels that are painted red. Irregardless, the exterior is definitely an excellent homage to shipping container.


Office containers is definitely the best construction solution that you can ever have at a construction site if you need a quick, sturdy, and remote office space for site monitoring, administration, planning, and more. However, if you let your imaginations run wilder, office container don’t just belong in the open. You can even construct an office container within your office compound to serve as an isolated meeting room or executive office. In an otherwise modern interior space, an addition of shipping container structure adds a pleasant contrast of industrialism.

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