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InstaHouse – Tiny House in Singapore

OSG provides the ideal solutions for tiny house architecture, tiny homes, or even any portable buildings of any sizes in Singapore. Save the troubles of unloading bulky materials into your space or backyard. OSG is here to supply and provide unloading and assembly on site.

OSG provides all aspects of the tiny house you purchase, including delivery country-wide in Singapore, unloading, and assembly on site.

Tiny house, also known as tiny home,  are part of an worldwide movement of minimalistic living by reducing the size, hence the resource consumption, of homes without compromising standard of living.

However, OSG’s tiny house design or tiny home can also possibly serve as a convenient, non troublesome, and elegant way to create an extension to your unutilised space or backyard.

This also serves as an excellent business opportunity if you have a breathtaking urban or rural space, where you can setup multiple of such tiny house or tiny home for people to book for short getaways or staycations. The track record of OSG ensures a quick, smooth, and efficient container hotel setup, for the sought after “slow down” lifestyle which many Singaporeans crave, especially in the midst of hectic and fast paced working lifestyle.

It is also relocatable anytime.

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