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More about High Cube Container

Akin to standard ISO shipping containers, high cube containers are made of durable steel or aluminum. Within these containers consist of many lashing rings installed around the container, from top to bottom to side, and on all four corners of the space. These rings allow carriage of a maximum load of 1000kg. However, high cube containers have a similar amount of gross weight as standard containers, standing at roughly 30,480kg.

Some high cube containers are designed with recesses in the base, which allows balancing of the containers on the container chassis trailer, which allows it to lay lower and be of higher construction.

Most transport services don’t charge more either because both types of containers have roughly the length. 

1. Actual product may vary from illustration.

Different types and dimensions of High Cube Container

Commonly, there are two types of high cube container: 20 ft high cube container and 40 ft high cube container. A 20 ft high cube container generally comes at around 6058mm x 2438mm x 2900mm. As for a 40 ft reefer container, it usually comes at roughly 12190mm x 2430mm x 2900mm. 
Overall, high cube containers are around 1 foot or 300mm taller than standard ISO shipping container. 
For more information on the container dimensions and specifications, please visit our dimensions page

Looking for a High Cube Container?

If you are looking to buy or rent a high cube container, we are here to offer the sale and rental of new and used high cube containers.

High cube containers are suitable as a temporary storage space. Such as when you need to store tall items, like household furniture, office equipment, or craft materials. High cube containers are also preferred to modify into container homes, shops, and food places; The extra height allows for space to design with. 

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Shipping Container Conditions

Clean and rust free

  • Minimal surface rust; Little dents
  • 95% mark free
  • Clean with little mark or scratches on flooring (<2mm in depth)
  • We have One-way container too.

Used (Cargoworthy)
Certified for shipping

  • Exterior has some to obvious surface rust, denting and some levels of corrosion.
  • Interior has some to obvious surface rust, denting and some levels of corrosion.
  • Flooring has delamination.

Used (Wind Water Tight)
Fit for normal cargo on the road

WWT containers shares similarities to cargo worthy containers in terms of conditions. It offers savings for those that do not require a valid CSC plate which is often essential for overseas shipping.

Best value for storage only

  • Fresh coat of industrial paint on exterior & interior
  • Moderate delamination on flooring
  • Contains non-original wall panels, door or parts

 Accessories & Services


We offer a wide-range of add-ons and installation services specially for container purposes. Be sure to check with our sales team.


Be assured when you appoint us to deliver and unload the containers. Every site presents unique challenge and our team is here to advise the most cost effective methods.


In our aim to provide a one-stop service to our customers, we provide on-site services such as lifting, levelling, electrical and rental of equipment e.g. generator. 

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Useful information of buying a high cube container

What are the rental options for a high cube container?

Rent a high cube container if you only need it for a short period of time!  Simply let us know your rental duration when you enquire with us. Do note that the minimum duration for rental of a high cube container is a month.

How to arrange delivery for high cube container?

We provide delivery and unloading containers upon request. Our sales team will try our best to advise the most cost-effective method according to your site access, environment and conditions. However, you are also welcome to arrange your own transportation to pick up your containers.

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