Shipping Containers for Events

Cost-effective solutions from refurbished containers.

We understand the challenges of cost and space management. Hence we modified our containers specially to support your events.


Shipping Container Shop

Shipping Container Shop, also known as ShopBox under OSG, is suitable for retail vendors to showcase their brands or products in an indifferent way and make a memorable brand impact.


Shipping Container Bar

Kitchen Container is equipped with sink and swing covers to allow for taking orders and food serving. Singapore being a food paradise, such containers will be handy for outdoor deployment where Singaporeans will be willing to travel for food and events with a good vibe!


Shipping Container Bar

The kitchen container can also be used for serving beverages over the counter. They are a hot favorite among brands and vendors whom are in the wines, beers and spirits segment.

Creating brand experience stations from a box.

Visually Impactful

Fully customizable, refurbished shipping containers make highly visual and impactful event containers due to their tough and aesthetically appealing exterior that demand to be noticed.


By using used containers, decommissioned containers are given a second life! 

Custom Branding

Container modification is easy and refurbished containers are flexible enough to be transformed into bar containers, pop-up container or a container shop with personalized branding.


Refurbished containers are often much cost effective compared to new units.

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Containers can be transported to almost everywhere the road leads and be easily deployed for use upon unloading. Likewise, the containers can be quickly removed without hassle when the event is over 

Planning Your Next Container Event?

If you are planning for your next mobile events, do consider us to organize for a container event as the limelight of your event attractions by riding on the wave global container craze.

A hybrid mix of different container types, sizes, and colors with various configurations can be arranged and tailored to your needs, no matter how big or small your project is.