What is a container chassis or trailer?

A container chassis is a trailer that transports shipping containers across the supply chain, from ocean or rail to truck, towards their destination. It provides a safe and solid base for the container so that the other parts of the vehicle are safeguarded.

More about shipping container chassis

Also known as an intermodal chassis, the container chassis or trailer is a steel frame on wheels with axles, suspension systems, tires, and brakes. It is designed to accommodate and carry a wide range of container types across various sizes and weights between terminals, warehouses, and ports.

Containers of different sizes and weights require container trailers with a different number of axles, which are the long shafts connecting the wheels of the vehicles. With 2 axles, the standard chassis trailer can carry 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. A tri-axle chassis is required for 20ft containers above 36,000lbs or 40ft containers above 44,000lbs.

Hence, the chassis trailer can carry most container loads, regardless of their weight, through challenging road conditions. The journey will mostly be smooth as the container trailer has adjustable axles and a robust suspension system with springs and equalisers that take the brunt of the bumps on the road, protecting the containers from sharp and sudden movements.

The cost of renting or buying a container chassis trailer depends on the chassis type, with specialised container chassis being more expensive.

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Benefits of choosing our shipping container chassis

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    With a container chassis, drivers do not need to unload the shipping containers before moving them, thus saving you some time and money. You can also load several containers simultaneously, which lowers the cost of extra delivery and allows you to act within a tighter delivery window. Moreover, as the container trailer is intermodal, containers can be easily transported across land and water.

  • Seamless Delivery

    Intermodal transportation is made even more efficient as the container chassis is designed to integrate with various container-handling equipment like cranes and carriers seamlessly. Additionally, it adds height to the storage containers so that they are of roughly equal height to the loading dock, eliminating the need to find stairs.

  • Safety and Stability

    Our chassis also ensures a low risk of damage and accident during transportation. It provides balance and stability to the shipping container and the vehicle and keeps the container fastened securely, preventing it from toppling over.

Looking for a container chassis?

If youโ€™re looking to buy or rent a container chassis or trailer in Singapore, we are here to offer the sale and rental of our high-quality container chassis. It is built to provide sturdy support and seamless connectivity, ensuring the smooth and efficient transportation of containers.

Our container chassis trailers are designed to haul one or more shipping containers at a time across Singapore. They accommodate different sizes and weights, including the standard 20ft and 40ft containers.

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