office container

As an intermodal shipping office container, a metal box can range from 10, 20, or 40-feet. It is from corrugated galvanized steel with double, marine-grade wood flooring, heavy-duty and die-stamped steel roof. It is to withstand severe and changing weather conditions and is open for modifications to suit different commercial and residential needs.

Below are the many uses of office containers that will help businesses, local governments, and families resolve restricted space, housing, and storm shelter problems through repurposing existing shipping containers.

Office Spaces

Conex boxes are perfect material as an office container. Many entrepreneurs use shipping containers as temporary offices with air-conditioning units and as sleeping quarters as well. They are also great as permanent offices with solid security features aside from being piled atop each other and connecting with exterior stairs. Office container is perfect with tables, chairs, walls, file cabinets that are insulated against moisture and humidity.

Portable Toilet

Shipping containers are excellent as cost-effective portable toilets too. Most portable types are lightweight and have only one room for one person at a time. A metal box toilet, however, can provide comfortable rooms for both men and women wherein each can have three toilet bowls and three sinks. Big container restrooms are great for high-traffic tourist places and are easy for transfer for any kind of business and community gatherings.

Mobile Businesses

More and more businesses are now on wheels and in conex boxes. These boxes are now retail stores, food trucks and other businesses that need little space. In addition, several shipping containers are now kitchen bars offering drinks and dining facilities. Businesses in conex boxes are easy to move to places where most people are always gathering.

Affordable Homes for Rent

They are efficient low-cost homes for rent. Since they are metal boxes, they are easy for modifications for different numbers of tenants and the construction costs are can be minimal to lower rent prices. Such homes would do well in heavily inhabited areas or places where property costs are very expensive, and people are looking for temporary places to occupy so that they can save money for property investments in the future.

Emergency Shelter

Another great use of a shipping container is as an emergency shelter. After a major catastrophe, thousands of people lost their homes. They will need shelter as soon as possible but to build houses from scratch takes time. Rather than making these homes, emergency housing is quickly available with conex boxes. When metal boxes are unified, they can provide many temporary homes for people who have been affected by disasters. Several suppliers also sell metal boxes that already have normal emergency housing features for a small family.

Reinforced Storm Housing

They are good as storm shelters. They are efficient to endure hurricanes if they are underground with doors that open inward and can be opened from the outside by the police and fire personnel during disasters. Storm shelters are wide enough to fit dozens of people as they wait snowstorms and tornados to end. These are durable and affordable shelters, with qualities that make them appealing cash-strapped cities.

From shipping office container to emergency shelter, these conex boxes provide many other uses to businesses, clients and even government. Therefore, think out of the box by thinking about how you can upcycle them to accommodate your business or personal needs.

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