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OSG Containers and Modular offers the most low-cost and flexible business space with a skillfully converted shipping office container.

Convenient, flexible, and affordable, our shipping office container is spacious, turn-key workstations.

With their durable, modular structure and unlimited design flexibility, these innovative business-oriented boxes are easy to move. Thus, allowing businesses in Singapore to take advantage of on cross-island market demand.

Business Solutions: Mobile Office Container and Storage Space

At OSG Containers and Modular, we know the unique challenges and needs of informal buyers, businesses, and SMEs.

As a result, we have discovered two core mobile workstations that are available as independent rental units but can just as effortlessly be used in tandem, on the same site, to deliver a full-circle business solution. They are:

  1. ready-to-use container custom-made for different business applications, and
  2. water-resistant, lockable, and damage-proof storage containers ideal for keeping equipment, machinery, tools, and inventory.

In this article, we look at the main features of OSG Containers and Modular office container and storage units, and why they are the best retail, organizational, and job site solutions for standalone businesses.

Affordable Office Container

Constructing, renting, or purchasing office or warehousing space is one of the major business overhead costs. All need financial resources and long-term dedication. As we understand, access to expenses is the main problem for many businesses.

Moreover, at OSG Containers and Modular, cash-strapped business owners can leas spacious shipping containers at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar buildings.

Fast Operation

OSG Containers and Modular shipping container offices have been repurposed into fully functional workstations that are innovative, insulated, ventilated, and safe.

Windows, doors, overhead lighting, electrical plug points, and wooden floors are standard design features of our office container. Moreover, that means you can start running your business from the moment the office has been positioned on site.

Convenient Office Container

The shipping container is the original long-distance transport solution fitting with all types of transport, from flat-bed trucks and trains to container vessels. Thus, our repurposed container office and storage unit is as moveable and are easy to transfer from one site to another.

In addition, Singaporean businesses who lease our ready-to-use office and storage space have complete freedom regarding site placement.


The modular design and mobility of an office and office solutions by OSG Containers and Modular. This means that businesses and entrepreneurs can easily polish space to suit business requirements.

Units are ideal as the top of each other or side-by-side. Therefore, they create space needed to have room for more employees, equipment, tools, or inventory.

During economic recessions, or at the end of the tourist peak season. Business owners can easily economize office and/or storage space, along with the business operations. In addition,ย at OSG Containers and Modular, we offer a cost-effective, safe, exquisitely clean container office, perfect for a business workstation, keeping business documents and equipment.

Thus, email us at or you may call us on +65 6883 2119 for more information about the best office container for your business.

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