Building a container office is a great solution for many entrepreneurs and businesses. The best part is that shipping container, both new and used are readily available in the market all over the world.

If you’re planning on building a shipping container office, the following are the few tips to help you make the most out of your investment:

Check for “One-Trip Containers”

Many buyers and businesses often find it hard to choose whether to purchase a new or used shipping container. After all, new containers are more resilient but used shipping containers are cheaper. If you’re the type who wants the best of both worlds, however, try checking “one-trip” containers. As the name suggests, “one trip container” is used once. This ensures you that the shipping container is still in good shape and the cost are not pricey.

Increase Storage Space

If you’re only using a huge shipping container, you may observe that storage space can be a bit lacking. This is an issue if you need to store a huge number of files and paperwork’s onsite at all times. Think about installing overhead cabinets and shelves to expand the existing floor space. Instead of choosing for space-wasting solutions such as filing cabinets. This should also leave you with enough space for office machines like photocopiers.

Container Office Made of Corten Steel

When looking for a container, go for containers that are from Corten steel. This material is extremely advantageous for a shipping container office thanks to the fact that the material can withstand corrosion and harsh conditions. Having a shipping container office from Corten steel easily gives you the peace of mind. It can resist harsh weather conditions and help you save potential repair costs in the future. As such, make sure to ask trustworthy suppliers in Singapore, if they have a container box made of Corten steel.

HVAC and Plumbing Systems for Your Container Office

Many trusted vendors like OSG Containers and Modular, will often provide modification options to their customers. There are many modification options available, but the two most essential ones you can pick for are preparing the shipping container for the HVAC system and plumbing system installation. Don’t forget that Conex boxes are made of metal and can get warm when used in warmer conditions.

For the HVAC system, the window-type air conditioner is the best, but if you have several shipping containers together, go for central air conditioning. As for the plumbing system, a simple set up with a single toilet and a sink is good, especially if the office will only be filled by a few people at any given moment.

Large Windows Installation

Proper lighting is important in a shipping container office. With that in mind, you may want to ask the container modification team to add a few large windows to the walls of the shipping container. This allows adequate natural light in the day. Not only does this help your team see what they are doing. But also, natural light also helps make an office look more roomy and cheerful. It may not seem like much but having gorgeous windows and enough natural light in your office can work marvels on the determination and efficiency of your employees.

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