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Shipping Container Conditions

Clean and rust free

  • Minimal surface rust; Little dents
  • 95% mark free
  • Clean with little mark or scratches on flooring (<2mm in depth)
  • We have One-way container too.

Used (Cargoworthy)
Certified for shipping

  • Exterior has some to obvious surface rust, denting and some levels of corrosion.
  • Interior has some to obvious surface rust, denting and some levels of corrosion.
  • Flooring has delamination.

Used (Wind Water Tight)
Fit for normal cargo on the road

WWT containers shares similarities to cargo worthy containers in terms of conditions. It offers savings for those that do not require a valid CSC plate which is often essential for overseas shipping.

1. Actual product may vary from illustration.

GP Container Key Features:

  • Corrosion-resistant and weather-proof
  • Original Timber Floorboard
  • Impenetrable โ€“ Original Corrugated Steel Panels
  • Steel Locking Bars for Superior Security
  • Double Leaf Cargo Swing Doors for Easy Access

GP Containers For Sale in Korea:

Purchase 20ft and 40ft General Purpose Shipping Containers in Korea. We offer the most affordable, versatile and sturdy shipping containers for all your storage and transportation needs. Get in touch with us today.

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