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Open-top shipping containers offer flexibility for storage and loading. They are easily loadable from the top by a crane if items are too bulky or tall to fit in standard containers. Thus, many businesses are searching to purchase shipping containers in Napier.

However, it is not easy these days to locate an open-top container due to the increase in demand and the slow global economy. However, the best shipping container company in Napier offers affordable shipping container prices.

Although buying a shipping container is not cost-effective, it is never late. As many experts tip prices to go further up, thus search for open-top shipping containers for sale and get the one that becomes available. 

Let us explore open-top container options for sale in Napier, New Zealand.

Open Top Containers Options in Napier

There are multiple sources of shipping containers for sale in Napier; therefore, you can easily select the one that best suits your requirement.

Here are three main options to get new shipping containers in Napier.

  1. Shipping Lines
  2. Freight Forwarders
  3. Co-Loaders (Consolidators)

Let us explore each option in further detail.

1. Shipping Lines

Almost all major shipping companies are offering services in Napier. So, you can easily check and contact one of them to move your cargo worldwide.

Although shipping rates are higher these days, ocean transport is still the cheapest mode of global freight movement.

Generally, you can get the below options with a shipping line.

You can get a quote from the shipping line depending on the nature and size of your product. For instance, if your cargo is temperature sensitive, you must look for a refrigerated shipping container. Similarly, ask for high cube shipping containers if the cargo is odd shape or bulky.

You can find Napier’s one of the best shipping container companies, OSG Containers and Modular offering the services.


2. Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are service providers that help facilitate cargo movement by coordinating between the shipping line, shipper and consignee. They are perfect to contact if you are new to the business.

Moreover, you can get new shipping containers in Napier through freight forwarders. However, they are usually expensive compared to shipping lines. It is because they do not have their vessels, and they procure rates from shipping lines, top-up their margin and sell.

However, forwarding agents offer credits to clients, unlike shipping lines. So, you can also avail of this facility if you have regular movements.

Just like shipping lines, freight forwards have options below for their clients.

  • 20ft GP container for sale in Napier 
  • 40ft GP container for sale in Napier 

new shipping containers for sale

3. Co-Loaders (Consolidators)

The third option to move your cargo out of Napier, New Zealand, is to use a co-loader. These are suitable for cargo that will not require full 20ft or 40ft container. 

Since consolidators gather cargo from multiple customers and pack them in a 20ft container by allocating space in cubic centimeters, it is the most cost-effective way to move cargo globally. However, if your shipment is heavy and requires a full container, then there is no point in contacting co-loaders.

Moreover, many freight forwards also offer consolidation services, while others only book FCL (full container loads). You can contact consolidators and request credit, as they provide deferred payment options to their regular clients.



Leveraging open-top shipping containers for tall loads is available in Napier. Organizations can contact a shipping line, freight forwarder or consolidator and buy a shipping container.

Although shipping container prices are high, you can get credit facilities from shipping lines to manage your cash flow. Similarly, freight forwarders offer handsome credit if you have regular and large volumes.

Moreover, we recommend always planning your movement well to mitigate the container shortage issue that adversely affects the shipping market post-pandemic. Having a well-planned shipping plan can save you money and avoid congestion scenarios.

Additionally, secure booking with Napier’s best shipping container company to avoid last-minute cancellations. All these steps will smooth your operation and keep your client satisfied. Thus, staying proactive is the name of the game in the shipping industry these days.

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