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The humble shipping container is largely credited for changing the entire world. Since its inception in 1955 by Malcolm McLean and engineer Keith Tantlinger, these containers have allowed companies to save substantially on travel expenses, allowing people worldwide easier access, a wider variety of goods, and greater affordability. Cargo ship containers have gone a long way since then, however. Even after being abandoned in shipyards, they still retain their use.

In what form, you may ask? Why, sustainable housing, of course!

Why Container Houses Are The Future
Below are three key reasons why repurposing old containers into houses isn’t a mere trend, but a sign of things to come:

They Are Economical
Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a used 20ft shipping container at low prices. With proper insulation, flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring, and other amenities, you can refurbish an unused shipping container into a habitable space with a budget of no more than $10,000.

However, if you are not the do-it-yourself type, container houses will cost you a bit more. Prefabricated container homes are often on the market for approximately $20,000. If you have somewhere to build your container home in, however, $20,000 isn’t much compared to the mortgage over the next thirty years.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
There’s nothing eco-friendlier than living in a home made out of recyclables. As you’re relying on materials that can be reused and recycled, your overall carbon footprint will be lowered. You can further reduce your environmental impact with installations of high-quality insulation and solar panels.

Fast and Easy to Build
With the construction of container houses, time is no concern. Given that you have a structure to work with, all that is left for you to do is to renovate the container’s interior and apply the finishing touches. With furniture and décor, even a 40ft shipping container can resemble a liveable house in no time.

Are There Downsides to Living in Container Homes?
Indeed, container homes are not perfect, as they are temporary shelters for most people. This is especially for those who simply are just looking for something new. Due to the small size of container homes, insulating them will result in less free space for its occupants. Furthermore, to stack shipping containers, costly steel reinforcements are required. Depending on the climate conditions, these homes may require expensive HVAC systems for them to be comfortable and habitable.

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