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Below are the types of container to suit your needs :

GP Containers

The General Purpose (GP) Container, also known as shipping container, container van, dry van, etc, are made of corten steel which helps it withstand the harsh weathers. They contain floor boards made of marine plywood and steel locking bars for its double leaf swing door.

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High Cube Containers

High cube containers are 300mm or 1 ft higher than the standard GP containers but the extra head space of 1 ft makes it useful and spacious for large cargo. As per a standard GP container, high cube containers are secure, wind and water tight to prevent cargo and items from damage.

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Reefer Containers

A refrigerated container (“reefer”), is a well insulated ISO shipping container which consists of air cooling compressor with the function to set fixed temperatures between -25 to +25 degree Celsius. They are used for shipping or storing temperature sensitive cargoes such as fruits & seafood.

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Open Top Containers

Open Top containers allow for opening on the top of the container to enable the storage of bulky cargoes too large to fit the height of standard containers. “Soft” Open Top containers come with a detachable tarpaulin that can be lashed in place with cords through its eyelets. Such containers are designed to let cranes or tippers load from the top.

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