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Used Shipping Containers – Wind-Water-Tight condition (before GST)

If you want to save money, you can consider buying our used storage and transport solution. Used shipping container are more affordable as they are available at amazing discounts, while being as functional and good as new. Used containers are a great opportunity for the small businesses and start-ups, as they do not have to invest a lot of capital in buying the expensive equipment they need. Browse our large inventory to buy shipping containers that meet your demands.

20ft Shipping containers

between $1900 – $2100 ++

40ft Shipping containers

between $2200 – $2400 ++ 

40ft High Cube containers

between $2500 – $2700 ++

New Shipping Containers – One Trip condition – (before GST)

 Each of the products we carry is made from the supreme quality materials. Hence, you can be ensured about their weight bearing capacity and durability. Our containers are best for the purpose they have been created. Furthermore, we offer the most competitive shipping container prices.

20ft Shipping containers

between $3650 – $3850 ++

20ft High Cube containers

between $3950 – $4150 ++

40ft High Cube containers

between $5900 – $6100 ++

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  • Discount applicable for bulk qty Purchase

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