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Whether you want to send some products to an international client or you are in the process of making a move to a different country, you will need to ship your items or send them by air. You will first need to ensure that they are properly packed. The method and material you use to pack your valuables can make the difference between receiving them in one piece or different broken parts. Before you start packing your valuables, you need to have a good understanding of all the potential hazards they might be exposed to during their journey. You can consider using a shipping container for sale to transport your goods. You also need to determine whether the items you need to ship will fit in a 40ft shipping container or a 20ft shipping container. A 20ft shipping container is the most popular sized container when it comes to moving personal goods since it can easily accommodate the entire contents of a standard 3-4 bedroom home. Once you have shortlisted the container size and the items you want to ship, you can use the following tips to ensure safe transport of your goods:

  • Choose the Right Size of the Box

Choose a box which is slightly larger than the item you are trying to pack so that there is enough space to cushion the item well. After packing properly, label the box with the correct address using bold letters that can be seen without any difficulty. If you are reusing a box with an old label, make sure you hide that address with a black marker.

  • Avoid Overstuffing

Whenever you pack items in a box, make sure not to overstuff them. It can lead to damage. Don’t forget your box will have to face transit. If you do not pack your box perfectly it might burst open and tear. See the capacity of the box, how much weight it can carry and then pack accordingly.

  • Seal Properly

Sealing is a very important part of packing. If you have packed your items perfectly and used the wrong way to seal the boxes, you can imagine the consequences. You will either receive damaged goods at the destination point or no goods at all. The best way to seal boxes is to use professional packaging tape. You will be able to find the heavy-duty paper tape, brown packaging tape, or reinforced packaging tape in the market, use at least two inches wide tape to seal your boxes. These tapes might cost you but they ensure security. Avoid using the masking tape, cord or string.

  • Packing Metals

If you want to ship bare metal you can put them in a hard cardboard box. Cover the sharp edges with broken cardboard pieces to avoid any accident. After you have packed and sealed the first box you can put it in slightly bigger box for more security and safety.


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