Reasons for Buying Second Hand Shipping Containers 

Shipping containers for sale come in either New or One trip unit and Used units. By its name, obviously, we know what’s the difference between the two. But to explain it further, new or one trip containers are the units that have only been used once when it is shipped from its manufacturing country. It is the ideal option to those who are of the best quality, durability, and appearance of a container. Whereas, used units are the containers that have already been used and aged but are still strong enough to do its function. These are the containers that come in different conditions or grades.  

Although both conditions of the container are widely available on sale in the market, people nowadays opt to go for used units mainly because it comprises the aspects like availability, affordability, and quality. Secondhand shipping containers may have been used and are used for years but the quality of the container is still intact. Used containers are being classified in different grades such as As Is, Wind Water Tight, Cargo Worthy, IICL and Non-Operating for Reefer containers. Interesting as they are, used shipping containers have more useful reasons to buy than being seated at the ports and docks. 


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Prices of used shipping containers are evidently lower than the new units. Prices may have a difference of about 40% to 50% depending on the size of the container that you require. Most common sizes of the container that is available in the market are the 20ft container for sale and 40ft container for sale. For most cases used shipping containers in a higher grade will be slightly expensive than those of the lower grades because of the age and function differences. 


Shipping containers are basically everywhere. It has been a big part of our daily lives because most of the goods that we consume are being transported by containers. Buying shipping containers has never been easy because there are a lot of local companies that offer a wide variety of stocks to cater to the consumer’s requirement.  Most stocks of secondhand containers are available to deliver in about 7-10 days. 


Not because the container is already used, the quality is sacrificed. In fact, second-hand containers are one the few products that are used yet still have a long list of uses. First, it is the best solution for storage because of its wind, water, and weather proof quality. The containers are also useful to ship worldwide to carry goods, materials and other commodities. Second-hand shipping containers are the also best option for modifications turning them to shipping container homes, offices, library and other mobile spaces.

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