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You can now get new or used shipping containers at a wholesale price, backed up with quick and responsive services available for various models. The most commonly used dimensions are 20ft shipping container size and 40ft shipping container size with various models like standard dry shipping container, high cube container, flat rack, open top, and refrigerated reefer containers.
Some of the companies might avail you with customised shipping containers upon personal request.

Comparing Sea containers and Shipping containers

Basically, sea and shipping containers are one and the same thing.

In the intermodal industry, shipping containers has various names and ways of addressing them. They can be known as dry container, sea containers, container vans, etc.

The dry shipping container comes in two main sizes which comprise of the 20ft and 40ft shipping container. There are other sizes available as well but are generally not demanded much for. Like, 10ft shipping container and 45ft shipping container. 10 ft shipping container is the modified versions of 20ft shipping container and usually comes in new boxes. 45ft shipping container due its longer size are not often used by the industries which deal with small and spare parts.

Sea or shipping containers are further categorised as :

  1. High cube containers:

Simply to say, high cube containers as the name suggests, have about one feet or 300mm extra headroom. This makes it essential for more storage capacity. High cube containers usually come in only 40ft and 45ft sizes, but lately on demand 20ft shipping containers are also available in markets now. High cube containers are very suitable for shipping container housing and building construction. They are secure and water resistant to keep cargo and items free from damage

  1. Open Top Containers

If you deal with such items that are higher than the regular size of 20ft and 40ft shipping containers or does not go with original container door, then you definitely must go for open top containers. There is no worry of spoilage of items even in the open top containers as they come with proper canvas tarpaulin covers which are easily taped by removable bands on the top.

  1. Flat Rack

 For the cargos that are large, heavy and bulky and are higher than the roof height of a regular shipping container, can only be loaded from the sides or top, a flat rack shipping container is the one you should go for. They are generally used for carrying machinery equipment and other heavy cargo for transport usage.

Shipping containers these days, are not only limited up to transportation purposes, it can also be used to stock up things your backyard. These days, the trend of shipping container homes is also up in the air. Home of containers, with their modular sizes, steady and full-proof structural body is getting popular amongst the builder and homeowners on their housing projects.

So, next time when you plan out to renovate your house, you can surely give the container houses a thought before going for a mundane brick and cement houses.

Apart from that, the container market has been widely stretched now. Containers of various dimensions and sizes are now easily available. Many companies deal with shipping containers and you can use their services without any hassles.


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