40ft shipping container

Many years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone thinking of using a used shipping container as an actual home. But fast forward to today, and you’ll find steel shipping containers, from 20ft shipping containers to 40ft shipping containers no longer being abandoned in shipyards and instead of being used as a low-cost option that has encouraged a trend of recycled homes and hotels made out of these cargo carriers.

Below are a few examples of how shipping containers have been reused over the past few years:

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Housing
Shipping containers are built to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. It’s only natural that they can withstand the rigours of daily life. For this very reason, architects, homeowners and engineers have used shipping containers for housing projects. Some have even constructed larger homes or complex living spaces by stacking multiple containers on top of each other.

Large housing complexes are not impossible with cargo containers. In fact, one was first built in Uxbridge, West London. All eight stories of the Travelodge were built using 86 modified shipping containers. The company responsible for the project stated that the overall process was 25 percent faster and at least 10 percent cheaper.

Morris Architects are also planning to turn abandoned oilrigs into ocean resorts some time in the future, with cargo containers as the central building block. Though it’s not yet a reality, the fact that they’re being considered for such use shows how sustainable and durable cargo containers are.

Children’s Center
Over in Melbourne, Australia, four large containers have become a fun place to play and stay for children. The makers creatively used the containers to create an activity centre made entirely out of durable and eco-friendly materials.
The concept of the Fawood Children’s Center in London is also the same. A stacked group of recycled large cargo containers are used as a nursery.

Cargo Containers Are The Future
While they probably won’t replace conventional houses, they have become a viable alternative and are more than a trend. They’re not just temporary storage solutions or made for temporary shelter anymore. With a little bit of research and know-how, anyone can buy a shipping container for sale and turn it into a house that anyone would love to live in.

And why not? They’re very durable and are resistant to all sorts of harsh weather conditions. They’re the perfect canvas for anyone looking to go the DIY route and make their own living space, whether it is a vacation house, an extra room in their backyard, or for those who want to live off-grid.

The best part of shipping container homes? The opportunity to provide financial relief while fostering innovation through developing sustainable homes is something that people of all generations can relate to.

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