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With the number of vendors in the market and shipping containers for sale, buying a container is certainly a difficult task. Here are a few steps which will not only help you save time and money but also find the right container that is best suited to your needs.

  • Make sure you have considered all the information, especially the grade

Shipping containers come in “grades” which provide valuable information on how the previous owner used the container before they sold it to you. The best ones are “cargo-worthy” containers. These containers are free of any defects or major damages and are in a perfect condition for whatever use. You will be able to use them over and over again. “Cargo-worthy” containers are followed by wind and watertight containers. These are a bit older and might have a few defects on their exterior. However, these are fantastic value for money and are guaranteed to be weather and rodent proof. Finally, another grade is the “as is” container. These will have a major defect. Buying an “as is” container is recommended only if you are on a tight budget.

  • Decide whether you need a steel or an aluminium container

There can be a marked difference in the type and quality of material with which a container is built. Make sure you choose one according to your needs. Most shipping containers are made of steel, which is considerably stronger than aluminium. This makes them more durable and resistant to tough conditions out at sea. If you wish to live in a container for some time, then an aluminium container might be a good option. They might not be as resistant as steel containers but are easier to move. Aluminum containers are also suitable if you only wish to transport your goods over a shorter distance.

  • Make sure that you have picked out the right size according to your needs

Containers come in a number of sizes, therefore, make sure that you pick one best suited to your needs. Two sizes are very common: the 20ft shipping container and the 40ft shipping container. These are perhaps the most popular and most used sizes. The former is a very popular size and is probably the best container for multi-modal transportation. You can also use them as a living space since these can be easily modified. The 40ft container in the meanwhile is the largest size available in the market. These will be fantastic if you wish to transport and store a large amount of cargo.

  • Always inquire about what the container was used for previously

People use shipping containers to transport animals, chemicals, furniture or other things, which might leave behind a particularly strong and unwanted odour. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you inspect the container yourself. This is crucial step to ensure it’s in a good state for your needs.

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