One has to be carefully when it comes to unloading a shipping container because accidents can happen at any moment if not done safely. This article will look at a few safety tips one must know to unload a shipping container safely.

Safety tips

Always make sure you are careful when you are manoeuvring the shipping container:

Situations at a depot where there are plenty of containers can be very unpredictable with things like traffic and time pressure making things very hectic over there. Even as all this is happening, the trucks that are carrying the shipping containers have to be moved. If you find yourself in a location where many containers are being moved, you have to make sure that you are in clear view of the driver. If you are the driver, you might need good light and additional mirrors to ensure you move the containers properly and safely without hurting anyone. If the shipping containers are not placed evenly on the truck, they can tip over and fall off which can cause damage as well as injury.

 Ensure you take all the safety measures as possible while opening the container:

Containers are sometimes not secured properly when they are being transported and can burst open without warning. When this happens, items can fly out leading to injury and loss of property, however; to stop this one can do the following

  • Securing devices need to be attached to make sure that items are protected


  • Always make sure that two people are positioned laterally when opening a container


  • Safety belts need to be used at all times


  • If the items being transported contain chemicals, always make sure that you are wearing respirator masks to protect you from hazardous goods


Properly release the transport restraints:

When the truck carrying the cargo is having its restraints released, items can get loose. Always make sure that items or cargo are inspected for damage before the restraints are released to ensure it has arrived in one piece.

Watch out for falling items:

Plenty of care needs to be taken especially with open top containers that need to be unloaded from above. To make sure everyone is safe; a loading bridge needs to be in place so that the person unloading can use it to stand on. In the case of emergency, fall protection needs to present to make sure the person unloading has a safe place to land on in case they fall off.

Always find suitable means of transportation and routes:

Wrong truck dimensions, inadequate transport routes and platforms that are not made correctly can cause cargo to fall off. To avoid this always ensure that suitable slings are used when one is operating a forklift. Trucks that are being used need to be inspected at all times and have to be of the correct dimensions. Finally, ramps and transport routes need to be in order and specified to prevent the vehicles from tipping over.


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