20ft shipping container

A leisure space is something that you or your family members can use in your free time to entertain yourself. Some like watching movies with their friends or family members in their leisure time, while others like listening to music, play video games, or perform any other activity. No matter how you or your kids prefer to be entertained, you can use shipping containers for sale to make an ideal leisure space.

The simplistic, sturdy design of these cargo boxes offer an ideal opportunity to anyone with creative ideas to covert and modify them into a wide range of other uses such as storage units, accommodation units, retail and leisure units or bespoke projects. Here are some ways you can convert your 40ft shipping container into your choice of leisure space:

  • Mini Movie Theatre

Mini movie theatres are the latest novel use for the big, boxy steel transport units known as shipping containers. Depending on whether you are using a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container you can conveniently make enough seating arrangements for your whole family or group of friends to come and watch a movie with you. You can install a big TV screen, a good movie theatre system, fancy lightings, HV/AC system and even a mini bar to re-create a realistic movie theatre atmosphere in your own home. The best thing about a shipping container mini-movie theatre is that you can easily relocate it when you move houses.

  • Gaming Zone

Kids love to have their own leisure space where they can listen to their favourite songs, watch their favourite movies, or play their favourite video game without having other family members disturb them. A 20ft shipping container is ideal for a gaming zone for your kids. Whether your kids like playing video games on Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation, all you need to do is properly insulate your shipping container, install hardware such a big HD TV, a good surround sound system, some lights, a heating or cooling system and let your kids spend the best days of their life playing their favourite video game without disturbing anyone in the family.

  • Nursery/Indoor Garden

If listening to music, watching movies, or playing video games is not your favourite leisure activity and you enjoy more being around nature, you can easily convert your 40ft shipping container into an indoor garden or nursery. As people are becoming more health conscious, the demand for organic food items has grown tremendously. One way of ensuring that you and your family are able to eat fresh and organic food is to grow your own vegetables in your backyard or shipping container indoor garden. You can grow almost anything year round in these climate-controlled farms.

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