The practise of using modified shipping containers as temporary workforce housing isn’t new to the world, but it is only in the last few years that it has gained traction in Singapore and globally. Whether it is for a construction project or an emergency relief site, temporary workforce housing is a must to achieve maximum efficiency on remote job sites. Modified shipping containers for sale are considered better alternatives to traditional workforce living solutions since they offer a number of benefits. Let us explore 4 reasons why you should choose modified shipping containers for temporary workforce housing:

Suitable for Any Remote Living Situation

Since shipping containers come in different sizes and dimensions and can be easily modified to any specifications, they can be used for any remote living situation. Modified shipping containers are ideal for:

– construction site housing

– border patrol housing

– oilfield housing

– emergency management and disaster relief housing

Modified shipping containers are not only limited to be used as housing units; they can be modified to perform various other functions, such as:

– mobile offices

– mobile restrooms

– mobile training and meeting spaces

– mobile locker rooms

– temporary holding facilities

– temporary recreational facilities

– mobile cafeterias

Require Little Maintenance

All shipping containers for sale are constructed of sturdy, corrugated steel, they can last for more than 25 years. They can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and require minimal maintenance. With a few simple modifications, you can easily convert a 20ft shipping container to a mobile office, mobile housing unit, mobile restroom, mobile dining room or mobile laundry facility and haul it to your next construction site.

Portable and Stackable

Portability and stack-ability are two inherent advantages that modified shipping containers enjoy over traditional modular buildings.ย  Shipping containers are constructed to standard sizes and dimensions so that they can be easily transported from one place to another via ships, trucks, trains, or planes. Even when they are modified to a housing unit or any other shape, they still enjoy the same level of portability and stack-ability. You can easily stack a 40ft shipping container onto another shipping container of the same size and dimension without worrying about that it will fall off or find it off-balance during the transport. This type of arrangement is ideal when you are short of space at your construction site or emergency relief site.

Easy to Modify

When it comes to modifying a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container, there is simply no limit to your imagination. Whether you want to install a good air-conditioning system or you are interested in insulating the walls and ceilings for noise and heat reduction, you can modify your shipping container anyway you want. The type and number of modifications that you want to carry out in your shipping container will depend on your personal choice and the amount of money you have available.

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