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Although initially designed for the purpose of shipping goods and materials from one place to another, shipping containers are being used for many other purposes these days. In countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore where buying a new home or apartment smack bang in the middle of the city is but a dream for many families or individuals, shipping containers for sale offer an economic, eco-friendly alternative to expensive urban living. These sturdy steel structures are now used as structural shells for many residential projects, be it self-built homes or extension projects.

The simple structure of a 40ft shipping container, along with its durability, adaptability, ease of stacking, low cost and lightweight is what makes it an ideal skeleton for your next home, office, school, storage unit, shop, art gallery, swimming pool, barn, recording studio, or emergency shelter. The good thing about shipping containers is that you can design them however you want. Whether you are interested in turning them into a small residential unit out of just a single 40ft shipping container or you want to use multiple 20ft shipping containers to make a larger home or complex living space, you can do so with great ease and without punishing your wallet.

Whether you want to use your 20ft shipping container to build a storage unit, home office or cafe, you have to pay special attention to decorating its exterior to make it look appealing and not like a discarded and rusted shipping container. There are a number of ways to beautify your shipping container. From using solid colours to cladding the exterior of your shipping container with timber, weatherboard or cement sheets, the list goes on. Let us explore some ways to beautify your shipping container’s exterior:

  • Paint

The first thing to do to make your shipping container look attractive and not like a “shipping container” is to cover it with paint. Even before you paint it, you will want to take care of any dents, bruises, or rust and make the external surface even. External paint will not only make it more attractive, it will also increase its strength, integrity, and life. The type, color, and texture of the paint you use on your 40ft shipping container will ultimately depend on its intended purpose, the surroundings, and of course your personal preferences and budget. Specific types of paint limit the damage of sunlight on the actual container itself, which will be extremely helpful if you buy a shipping container for sale in NSW.

  • Wood Sidings

At times, colouring your shipping container home from the outside will not help it blend with the external environment. The only way to deal with this issue is to use timber cladding instead of a solid ceramic colour. This cladding is available in different colours, blends and styles and can give your shipping container home a stunning exterior look. Covering your shipping container home with wood sidings will not only increase its aesthetic appeal, it will also help in insulating it from external noise pollution and the effects of the weather. If you get bored with the colour or design of these timber claddings, you can replace them with new ones to give your shipping container home a new look and appeal.

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