Alternate Uses of Shipping Containers

When you come across shipping containers, you will automatically think of shipments and cargoes. That was many years ago when shipping containers especially steel boxes only reside on shipyards and fulfill shipments. Over the past few years, alternate uses of shipping containers are becoming noticeable in the field of architecture, hospitality, real estate and other wonderful ways on recycling it.

Steel shipping containers hold promising uses besides logistics. These large steel boxes are used to store and transport cargoes. They are strong enough to bear any factors that may arise during shipment or handling. This quality of steel shipping containers has earned the attention of almost all industries since they find its strength applicable in building structures while maintaining functionality.

Here are some of the alternate uses of shipping containers under the top 3 industries today:


This is a futuristic model of a hotel that is being built in Hong Kong called “Hive Inn”. It is planned to be up to 20-steel shipping containers high.

shipping containers for sale 2016


In some rural areas, steel shipping containers are converted to schools. The ability to withstand any natural factors makes shipping containers convenient for schools that can last longer.

shipping containers for sale australia 2016

Real Estate

Some of the houses today are inspired by modern architecture brought by steel shipping containers. Residential owners nowadays are getting open in the idea of steel shipping container homes.

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Shipping Containers for Sale Australia

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