Used shipping container prices are 50% lower as compared to last 2 years

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1. Used shipping container prices are easily down by 50% as compared to 2 years ago owing to the poor global economy performance affected by several major factors such as low oil prices, weak Chinese demand performance etc. therefore causing a drastic decline in major commodity and steel prices resulting in excessive inventory surplus in many manufacturers, trading companies or stockists worldwide.

The global shipping container and logistics industry is of course not spared from the above harsh described scenario and is in fact one of the most badly hit one as seen from periodically declining share prices and financial performances in the market as well as headline news.

Looking on the bright side, the above scenario will bring good news to shipping container buyers who have been wanting to get them for additional storage, guest room, holiday shipping container home, mobile container home, temporary site usage, special container project or to simply replace their old shipping container with a new one as their prices are almost on the lowest side in the economic cycle.

Why buy shipping containers with

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2. The business is founded and managed by a team of veterans with many years of experience in shipping container industry with international exposure

3. Young, driven company with a strong mission in mind to provide good and cheap shipping containers for sale to all segments of the markets be it MNC, SMC or direct individuals with prompt and good responsive service

4. Our used shipping container inventory are generally young units from 10 to 14 years of age. New and younger units are also available upon request.

5. We provide free transportation arrangement with our most qualified local logistics partners in the cities that you require the shipping containers,  offering you the best hassle free arrangement and deal savings

6. We keep a wide range of different types of shipping containers for sale of different container dimensions such as storage containers, high cube containers, open top containers, reefer containers, flat rack containers and readily keep available stocks on hand

7. We have our presence in many shipping container locations in major cities and shipping container depots in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth in Australia and Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Christchurch, Lyttleton in New Zealand

What is holding you back? Our loss is your gain! Check out our latest shipping container prices or contact us now today and start making a wise spending decision for your next shipping container purchase to boost the weak global economy as the first step!

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