40ft shipping containerThe open top shipping containers are quite useful, apart from just transporting cargo. You only need to know how and where to place it. There are a lot of options for utilising the unused shipping containers. Read this article to find out more interesting and innovative ways of using an open top shipping container you have never seen before.

1. Schools
Did you know the shipping containers can be used for building schools? To date, many countries are struggling to provide quality education for students. This problem is prevalent in the rural areas, where they don’t have the resources to set up the classrooms. Lately, shipping container schools have been gaining a lot of attention. Why? It is simply because it is more convenient to build schools out of shipping containers compared to constructing buildings from scratch. In developing countries, shipping containers have become a popular and inexpensive alternative.

2. Hospitals
Similar to schools, hospital building in developing countries is costly. Shipping containers come in handy in constructing emergency units and small emergency room hospitals which is extremely valuable in the disaster-stricken areas with destruction of property.

3. Art gallery
When talking about ideas for the open shipping container, how can you forget about art galleries? It does not matter whether you are a musician or a painter, you will need a place to practice your skills, and showcase your talent. Stop looking elsewhere, when the answer is right in front of you.

4. Swimming pools
With slight changes and alteration, the shipping container can make a good swimming pool as well. The regular length 20ft shipping container is the perfect size for one.

5. Indoor farms
Indoor farms are yet another amazing idea for the shipping containers. You can easily create small farms or greenhouses out of the shipping containers. Grow vegetables, fruits, like tomatoes, strawberries in your greenhouse or farm. If you are in search of a good space to start your own farm and grow crops, you can’t go wrong with the shipping container.

6. Restaurants
Finally, you can accommodate a small and cosy restaurant inside a shipping container. With some interior designing and decoration, you can create a work of art that’s warm and welcoming, a place where people would love to chill and enjoy themselves.

These are just some ideas for utilising the shipping container. Push your creativity and see the wonder you can create. Explore different options that come to you, see what works and what does not. There are many other things you can make out of a 40ft shipping container, but the ideas above are the most common uses you can find.

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