When one owns a shipping container, they always want it to last for years. Keeping it in good shape goes a long way in doing that and this article will highlight a few steps one can take to keep their shipping container in good condition.

  1. Always make sure you repair and inspect the shipping container’s roof

One of the most important things to maintain in a container is the roof. Shipping containers that are pre-owned often have dents on them from being stacked on top of each other. Dents found in containers can trap rain which can cause corrosion especially when the paint is chipped. It is important to make sure that dents are fixed quickly and rust proof paint is used to prevent corrosion.

  1. Always make sure you treat, inspect and removed rusted area

Plenty of organizations in the container shipping industry often tells manufacturers to make containers out of corten steel simply because it is rust proof. Although this is good, it is not 100% corrosion proof. This steel is very sensitive to salt air environments and needs to be treated all the time just to make sure that it does not rust. A shipping container that has areas that are dented and scratched needs to be sealed and painted.

  1. Repair, examine and lubricate the shipping container doors

When one owns a shipping container, they will notice that it will have a few moving parts on the door which can easily be damaged or wear out when used often. One has to look after them properly to make sure that they work properly and there are a few ways to maintain these moving parts. Number one is to clean them on a regular basis with a commercial grade cleaner to remove rust, dirt, and grits from locking bars and door hinges. The second is to lubricate them with a lubricating spray or grease of good quality.

  1. Pay attention to the shipping container’s modifications

Organizations that make shipping containers make them in a way that they are designed to avoid dirt traps, corrosion, and water. It becomes a different story if the owner decides to chop them, put them together and modify them in different ways. Always make sure that you check the modifiable areas of your container especially the metal areas and the joints to make sure that they are free of corrosion and are clean at all times. Rust has to be removed immediately and treated with what is known as anti-corrosive paint.

  1. Always make sure that the shipping container is on a surface that is level

Shipping containers that are installed on a level will last longer compared to those that are not because this will stop water entering it and stops corrosion from happening.

  1. The refrigeration unit needs to be serviced

If you happen to find yourself a container that is refrigerated, it will need servicing from time to time. When you do this, you will save plenty of money on repairs and hire professionals to look at your container all the time if it malfunctions.


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