With so many people selling shipping containers, it is easy for you to get scammed if you are not careful. This article will highlight a few steps you can follow when you are purchasing a shipping container that captures your eye.

  1. Always be in regular contact with the seller or merchant

We live in a technological world and you can get in touch with a seller very easily through phone calls or even emails to let them know the type of shipping container you are looking for and see if they can supply one that meets your requirements. If you have more than one seller, it is worth contacting them all to see who has the best deal out them all. This gives you more quality and variety to choose from. Always take your time and never rush to the first seller who offers the best deal.

  1. Always see the containers yourself before buying

You have to make sure that you ask the seller to let you see the shipping container before you part ways with your money to examine the condition however, it is always worth noting that it might not be the only container at the depot and the seller might have many more containers. You might change your mind and pick a different one while you are there. Always keep your options open and never be afraid to change your mind if you see one that is better than the one you initially picked.

  1. Inspect the shipping container

Always be on the lookout for things like dents and rust on any shipping container you wish to buy. You also need to inspect the doors of the container too to see if they close properly because if they don’t shut properly items can be damaged or fall out during shipping.

  1. Negotiating the shipping process

Not a lot of people have the means and capabilities to ship a container they buy to the location they want it to and it is highly advised to speak to the seller to see if they can help to have the container delivered to you. This will incur an extra cost but it is much better to leave it in the hands of professionals to make sure it gets to where you want it in one piece. Shipping containers weigh a lot and this is definitely not a one man job. You have to hire people with a crane and truck to lift, load transport it carefully.

  1. Reach an agreement on the price of the shipping container

Always speak to the seller with respect and negotiate a good price that is good for everyone. No one likes to be taken advantage of and it is important that neither party feels cheated. If the seller has plenty of containers they are selling, you as a customer have the power to get a good deal on a container you like and always ask about delivery cost as well. Once the final figure has been agreed, it is time to get the paperwork sorted and pay for the container.


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