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Have you ever wondered how the foods like dairy products and fresh meat, vegetables and fruits are transported from one place to another? The answer to that is simple. Reefer containers. Yes! That’s true, now that I have said it, I am sure you have seen many reefer containers on the road or ports. Reefer containers are often known as refrigerated shipping containers and can be a 20ft shipping container or 40ft shipping container.

The difference between normal shipping containers for sale and reefer containers is that normal containers will cool down or heat up with the external temperature, but reefer containers come with an embedded fridge in it, plus a ventilation unit that controls the temperature inside the container. The ventilator is important to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh and the keeping air moving is very important. Otherwise, the fruits and vegetables will go bad and spoil, giving off an unpleasant smell.

Let’s see which industries make use of reefer containers;

Transporting Vegetables & Fruits
As mentioned earlier, reefer containers carry fresh food from one place to another. These types of foods are generally transported by road or sea, and in some cases also by air. Since the first two means of transportation will take a long time to arrive if its destination, reefer containers are used in such cases to keep the edibles fresh.

Transporting the dairy products
As compared to the fruits, the market for dairy is small because they are transported to a country only. Most reefer containers are pulled onto trains to carry dairy products.

Meat and Poultry Transportation
After fresh food comes meat. A huge amount of meat is eaten all over the world, and meat must be kept refrigerated to prevent it from going bad.

Seafood transportation
Almost 19% of all goods transported using reefer containers is seafood and their related products. We all know that seafood spoils very easily. This is the reason why the reefer container shipping the seafood items must be in excellent working condition.

To Transport Medicines
Just some time ago, transporting medicines from one continent to the other was out of the scene. This is because the ventilation and refrigeration systems back then were not as advanced and good as they are today. The only alternative back then was by air, which was quite expensive. This problem was eliminated with the invention of reefer trucks. These days, reefer containers can transport a huge amount of cargo, carrying medicine and other supplies                                                                           

As a result, the total cost of carrying medicine has fallen by a huge factor. Technology has evolved. The problems related to carrying food items belong to yesterday. Today, every industry is benefiting from the reefer container. This way, food products from different continents and countries are arriving for us at cheaper and cheaper prices.

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