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Who said that shipping container homes were limited in design? Throughout the world, engineers and architects have transformed ordinary containers normally used for shipping large quantities of items into homes and offices that anyone would love to live in.

Below are some of our favourite designs from around the world:

The Ecopod

While the design doesn’t exactly jump off the page, the Ecopod is the ideal setup for anyone looking to live off-grid. Made out of a 20ft shipping container, it uses an electric winch used to lower and raise the heavy deck door which is powered by a solar panel. Recycled car tires constitute most of the floor, while the walls were created from birch panelling over closed-cell soya foam insulation, double paned to slow heat transfer and increasing energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the ecopod works just as well as a stand-alone unit as another unit used in conjunction with other structures.

Designed to minimise environmental impact without sacrificing function and aesthetic, the ecopod is a worthwhile consideration for those looking to live off-grid without having to go the DIY route.

Quik House

The Quik House by famed New Jersey-based architect Adam Kalkin comes in a prefabricated kit with a design that’s to die for. As an eco-friendly home, 75% of the house is made up of about recycled materials, which is perfect for those who are strong advocates of recycling and living off-grid.

The standard Quick house isn’t small. Unlike the typical 40ft shipping container home, it’s around 2,000 square feet and features three bedrooms and two and a half baths. If you’re looking for something larger, there are available options. The shell itself is very easy to assemble, taking no more than a day to finish, although furnishing and interior details can take as much as three months.

The estimated total cost (which includes shipping and assembly, totals up to around $184,000, which may be above budget for some. However, the amount of savings you can get, especially with solar panels, wind turbines, a green roof and additional insulation greatly compensates for the added cost.

Aside from its costs, the container house is very popular, with a six-month waiting list for interested buyers.


Small and efficient, the Port-a-Bach system from New Zealand’s Atelier Workshop is the perfect fit for those looking for temporary shelter, a small vacation home, or simply just want to go off-grid.

Priced at approximately $55,000, this space can host two adults and two children. The entire dwelling also folds up nicely into a fully enclosed steel shell, ensuring security.

Illy Push Button House

Inspired by Adam Kalkin’s designs, illycaffe commissioned the famed Architect to create the Push Button House. This small compact metal container takes only 90 seconds to convert into a fully furnished café, which includes a functional kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. A library is also a possible addition.

These designs prove that container homes can look as good as a conventional house, if not better!

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